Skin Care

Skin Care

Are you ready to rejuvenate your skin and look younger? Family Med Spa offers individualized European facials crafted especially for you. This particular type of facial is popular in Europe and is a growing trend in the United States. Our trained aestheticians pamper you with a personalized beauty treatment, rejuvenating your skin with treatments customized according to your skin type and condition.

Have you heard of European facials? Do you have questions about how it is performed or if it is right for you? European facials benefit almost any skin type. The procedure uses facial massage, intensive exfoliation, and other customized treatments to rejuvenate your skin.


Performing a European Facial

Deep Cleansing – A European facial starts with the cleansing. This process removes the old makeup, dead skin, and oils clogging your pores.

Steam – Next, steam is applied to open pores. This ensures any remaining dirt is cleaned away and ensures the skin treatment is absorbed completely.

Extraction – Any blackheads or white heads are optionally removed. Your aesthetician will recommend the best method based on your skin’s condition.

Mask – A customized face mask is applied that matches your skin type. This is left on for 15 minutes.

Massage – While the mask is on, we then massage your neck and shoulders. The calming effects enhances the therapeutic effects of the treatment.

Moisturizer – After the mask is removed, the final step of a European facial is moisturizing the skin. Without it, the skin may feel dry.


Benefits of a European Facial

Remove Toxins – A European facial helps draw out toxins that build under the skin, and improves the blood flow

Unclogs Pores – The deep cleaning and exfoliation will clear the dirt from pores that cause blackheads and white heads.

Hydrate Skin – Your European facial will hydrate your skin, creating a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Reduce Stress – The entire treatment is designed to relieve stress and tension. Relaxation is an essential aspect to rejuvenation.

Younger Looking – A European facial helps you look younger by reducing the appearance of age spots and fine lines.

A European facial is not only focused on looking great. Family Med Spa’s European facial also make you feel great. It is an opportunity to relax and unwind from the stress of work, home, and the kids. You are left with a sense of happiness and well-being.



Treatment Frequency

In one hour, a Family Med Spa aesthetician will evaluate your skin, cleanse your skin, apply a revitalizing mask, give a relaxing massage, and provide the finishing touches that make you look and feel better. Your skin’s cycle is renewed every 25-35 days. Therefore, we recommend a monthly European facial. If your schedule does not allow this, in order to keep your skin clean and healthy, we recommend every 3 months at a minimum.