Botox & Fillers


Botox & Fillers

One of the most popular and common cosmetic procedures in the world is Botox and filler injections, which are used to diminish or erase lines and wrinkles. They are safe and effective, with no surgery or downtime. At Family Med Spa, we offer Botox and filler treatments to create a long lasting, natural looking result.

Botox and fillers are minimally invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedures to restore a youthful appearance. Family Med Spa uses only the latest techniques to optimize results. We evaluate every face to determine the right procedures and ensure the best outcome.


How They Work

As we age, our skin loses elasticity causing wrinkles. Over time, these wrinkles become more permanent. Botox injections will slow this process with regular maintenance. The result is the limiting of the aging process.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox (botulinum toxin) as a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Injections have very small concentrations and will effectively stop nerve cell signals from reaching muscles, paralyzing them. By preventing muscle constriction, Botox reduces abnormal muscle contraction and the muscles become less stiff. It is those contractions that create wrinkles.

Fillers give you the ability to diminish facial imperfections without surgery, smoothing out deep lines and wrinkles, and adding volume. They are injected directly into the skin, plumping wrinkles and expression lines. Fillers are effective for laugh lines, augmenting cheeks, filling depressions under the eyes and the thin and bony areas of the lower cheeks or temples, and enhancing lips.


Botox or Fillers?

We sit down every day with people who want to know if they need either Botox or fillers to look younger. It is not an either or. The best results come when both Botox and fillers are injected. The Botox paralyzes the muscle causing the wrinkles, but the fillers will fill creases. Together, Botox and fillers will always produce better results than either will alone.

A young person, with only superficial lines, may get away with a treatment of primarily Botox. Nonetheless, the deep lines on the forehead and creases around the mouth need fillers to pump up the areas. They will not disappear on their own.

The combination of Botox and fillers erase years from your face. The procedure is fast and simple and usually completed in twenty minutes. We guarantee that it is worth it.


Injectables or Facelift?

Surgery is an expensive and invasive procedure requiring planning and recovery time. Meanwhile, with an injectable treatment, you get to come into the office and relax. Botox and fillers are minimally invasive with no downtime and offer a cost-effective alternative to surgery.


Are They Safe?

As with any procedure or treatment, there are always risks and side effects. Nonetheless, Botox’s overall safety has been determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who has approved its use in cosmetic treatments and procedures. The FDA also found the most common side effects of fillers was short-term bruising, redness, swelling, and tenderness that go away quickly. However, studies show four out of five patients receiving the injections felt very little or no discomfort at all.