Some Customer Frequently Asked Questions About Vi Peel

For every customer who asks a question about Vi Peel, there are probably 20 who are afraid to speak up. Family Med Spa wants you to know, there are no stupid questions, We encourage everyone to ask questions, for Vi Peel or any of our services. We believe that educated clients are the best customers.

Some med spas fear the question and answer process. We do not, and feel it is vital for enhancing our service.


Vi Peel Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Vi Peel? – While Vi Peel is considered relatively new, it has quickly become an effective replacement to older chemical peels. It was not that long ago that the pain was a sign a chemical peel was working. Today, Vi Peel provides deep but painless results, with little downtime.


2. What are the ingredients of Vi Peel? – It is a blend of five acids: Phenol, TCA, Salicylic Acid, Retin-A, and Vitamin C as ascorbic acid. The blend means Vi Peel does not require prior skin conditioning or the painkillers normally used with other chemical peels.


3. How many treatments are needed for dramatic results? – Amazingly, just a single Vi Peel treatment can produce astonishing, noticeable results. Best of all, because Vi Peel is painless, it is excellent for preventative maintenance.


4. How long will Vi Peel results last? – As we know, nothing lasts forever. However, Vi Peel results can last a long time with regular maintenance and a healthy lifestyle. Between treatments, limit your exposure to sunlight, avoid smoking, eat healthy, and exercise regularly.


5. Does Vi Peel work on all skin types? – The innovations that created Vi Peel have made significant advancements for many skin types. For the time ever, darker skin types, including African-Americans, can receive this type of anti-aging treatment. Moreover, this includes many Latino and Asia skin types as well.


What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you have more questions about Vi Peel, or need more information, please contact us.




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